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Tips & Tricks

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By clicking on more than one image you can create a "printable selection" of the screens you are interested in!

Get those reps on the ball! Give them a list of customers that have fallen through the cracks! Let's get some of that lost business back!

You can view and compare archived data with current data, without restoring the archived data!


Import orders directly from WOW (Windows Order Writer) a great way to drastically reduce data entry time!


You can archive or restore data with a few mouse clicks!

No more laborious customer transfer when hiring a new rep. This does it fast and easy!

We challenge you to determine a criteria for mail merge that stumps us! Of course all of these can be filtered by state, city, rep, whatever!

Create customer groups using multiple criteria.

Now you have a quick sheet of what was shipped and written last month by manufacturer.


Order Entry is a snap!


Quickly enter Invoices

Setup automatic commission rates based on order source! Even set special rates based on a specific manufacturer!

Detailed orders are easy to enter


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