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Tips & Tricks

Clicking on the thumbnails below will open a new window with a larger image and detailed description of each screen.
By clicking on more than one image you can create a "printable selection" of the screens you are interested in!

This is the starting point for all Commi$$ioner functions.

Want to analyze your business? This is where you make it happen!

Easily view a customers information and orders on one screen.

Reports? We have reports! In fact, some of these buttons lead to other menus of even more reports!
If you would like to find out more about the available reports, check out the Reports page

This is where you perform maintenance and set your preferences.

Get a handle on commissions that are due to you and not yet paid by the manufacturer! What a way to find lost commissions!

You work hard for your money. Now you can evaluate the validity of a line. Are they shipping and paying? What is the overall average commission rate paid?

Trend analysis. See how your reps are doing for the past week, month, quarter and YTD!

Automatically create A, B, C and D groups of customers based on last years sales! Show your reps who the important customers are!

Now you can quickly generate a report to fax or email to manufacturers questioning backorder status.

Our concise, easy to read commission statements have a silent sales manager tool built in, letting reps know what order source generated the commission.

The last page of the Commission Statement report provides a record to pay reps with!


Now you have a quick sheet of what was shipped and written last month by rep.


Need help? Pressing F1 on any form will bring up the interactive help system, where you will find detailed descriptions of every task!

From this screen all information regarding manufacturers, reps, products etc. can be accessed.

"I like it but can't you do something about the colors?"
. The Commi$$ioner uses your own Windows appearance preferences. This means that all screens will be displayed using YOUR favorite colors!


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