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Tips & Tricks

Are you frustrated with your current sales management program?

Are you still using a DOS based program and…

  • can't use any of your old data in any Windows application?
  • get headaches from the low-resolution black&white screens?
  • try to get Copy and Paste to work, but fail only too often?
  • can't seem to remember which F-key to press for Save?

Would you be interested in a fully interactive Microsoft Office Independent Rep business management application? One that would…

  • export and import data directly to and from all other Microsoft Office™ applications including Word, Excel, Outlook
  • have an extensive help system that would help you whenever you have a problem without searching in a 4589-page manual
  • Use ALL the familiar Windows menus, buttons, messages and shortcuts?

Do you have to pore over massive reports to extract pertinent sales information?

Do you have to close out the month before being able to analyze your sales data?

Would you like to:

  • See what your reps should be doing, not just what they've done?
  • Create more selling time?
  • Increase profitability?

Quickly sort & view your data to:

  • Set sales strategy?
  • Generate topic specific mailings?
  • View rep sales patterns?
  • Find & bolster weak sales areas?
  • Lower your administration costs?
  • Increase the profitability of the reps.?
  • Get a complete sales status at the press of a button?



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